Taming the Big Data Monster

In years past, information was power.  Now, our endless pursuit of information has created a monster. With the massive storage capacity of the cloud, big data can become as big as it wants. It can’t be tamed using the traditional rigid analytical tools that most businesses use – it requires new scalable architecture to keep it under control and make it useful. So now that we have the data, what are we going to do with it?

Never before has so much information been available for businesses to analyze, and companies who learn how to use it to their advantage will come out on top.  The quantity of information collected by Facebook and Google alone is too much for most organizations to handle. But harnessing the power of big data will help you maintain your competitive edge.

Translating big data into insights creates big results. It allows you to truly know your customer – their expectations, desires and buying preferences. It also lets you identify areas for improvement within your own organization – imagine if all your processes and operations were designed and aligned with a higher strategy. The ability to meet and predict customer demands combined with industry-leading performance and a customer-centric organization will differentiate your business and keep you ahead of the game. By tapping into the benefits for both your customers and your business, it can improve your bottom line from both sides.

Taking control of big data and making it useful requires the right Business Intelligence and analytics tools. While some organizations can afford to have entire departments dedicated to manually slicing and dicing vast quantities of data, it’s much more cost effective – and sensible – to implement BI software that will do it for you. The beauty of these systems is their ability to give you multi-dimensional views of data and present it in a way that helps you make decisions, instead of spending your time trying to manage spreadsheets and pivot tables to figure out what you’re looking at. As a result, it provides increased visibility across all areas of your organization, which gives you the opportunity to create an agile supply chain and stay ahead of changing market needs.

Don’t overlook the value of big data just because it seems overwhelming. Standing at the foot of the Himalayas is daunting at first, too, but with the right tools and preparation, we can help you get to the top. Contact us today to learn more about the value Business Intelligence can bring to your organization.

Author Jeff Pyden

Jeff Pyden is President and CEO of OmniVue, which he founded in 2003. For more than 20 years, Jeff has been following his passion for improving business execution and efficiency through technology.