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    • Finance

      Managing a Finance Department in the Franchise Management Sector demands an accurate view of every financial function at each and every one of your locations – accounts payable and accounts receivable, inventory orders, supplier agreements and financial reports. Does your financial management system give you the seamless view needed throughout your franchise or are you stuck trying to patch together data from disparate systems, hoping critical details aren’t lost in the process?
    • Marketing

      Managing the Marketing Department at a Franchise Management Company requires consistent access to timely data across your locations. You need to formulate a strategy and build campaigns to support continued progress at your successful franchises, while boosting growth at the single franchise level. Is your franchise management system giving you the views you need into your data to implement effective campaigns for each and every franchise location?
    • Information Technology

      Managing the IT Department at a Franchise Management Business is all about ensuring a consistent, end-to-end view of data is available of across your organization. Do your people have the tools to create reports and franchise rankings to make business-forward decisions for your franchises as a collective, while perform day-to-day tasks? Or are you faced with the challenge of making data accessible to your headquarters from a patchwork of inconsistent systems?
    • Sales

      Managing the Sales Department in the Franchise Management Industry demands precise data from across your franchises in order to manage sales territory while leveraging pricing and promotions to meet your performance potential. This requires consistent access to inventory and customer data, along with trends in the marketplace. Does your sales management system provide the information needed to drive profit across your franchises?

Gain Visibility into Your Franchises


Successful franchise management requires a precise, timely view of your financial and accounting information across locations. The spreadsheets that worked when you overlooked only a couple of locations are now woefully inadequate when it comes time to manage royalty payments, franchisee performance and overall franchise growth.

Without the right franchise accounting software, trying to locate key financial data is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Encourage Opportunities for Growth


OmniVue delivers franchise management systems that simplify accessing the financial and accounting data you need to analyze performance and plan for expansion. We work closely with you to carefully assess and balance your goals and budget.

Using an OmniVue franchise management system, you can expect:

End-to-End Visibility


Realize true efficiency with a single standardized solution that provides full accounting capabilities to each franchisee while giving the franchisor immediate access to individual metrics and consolidated results.

Saved Time through Automation


We will help you boost business agility by automating standard but essential functions such as reporting and royalty processing so that you get real-time results in minutes rather than outdated results in hours.

Systems Success


Because we measure our success based on yours, OmniVue always maximizes your opportunities to turn potential disasters into successes. For instance, our franchise accounting software gives you the ability to identify franchisee performance gaps early and gather the insight needed to take appropriate action.

Get the vue with a difference. OmniVue. See your world.