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    • Finance

      Managing a Finance Department at a Manufacturing Business requires precise, accurate data to power every decision on supplier agreements, inventory orders, accounts payable and financial reports. Does your manufacturing management system give you the up-to-date, accurate data you need to make the right decisions for your business and your supply chain?
    • Marketing

      Managing a Marketing Department in the Manufacturing Industry demands consistent, up-to-the-moment information to formulate and power your department strategy. This requires the power to create accurate reports based on customer buying history, market research, inventory trends and constant monitoring of your customers’ needs. Does your marketing management system give you the powerful data needed to implement effective marketing campaigns that will power your business growth?
    • Information Technology

      Managing the IT Department at a Manufacturing Company isn’t simply about technology – it’s about giving your organization the tools needed to fuel effective, efficient inventory and supply chain management, and overall growth. Are your IT systems frustrating and limiting you? Do you have to create patches just to get the data your people need to create basic reports and perform their daily tasks?
    • Sales

      Managing the Sales Department in the Manufacturing Business requires precision, and access to current, accurate data on customer orders, inventory levels and market trends so your team can make achievable promises to customers, keep pricing competitive and formulate promotions to capitalize on excess inventory. Does your sales management system give you the information needed to boost profitable opportunities for your organization?

Drive Process & Production Efficiencies

A single broken link in your supply chain can impact every element of your business. Lacking the right tools to collaborate and communicate in order to effectively manage projects can lead to a fragmented supply chain with the potential to hurt customer relationships and ultimately, your bottom line.

Get Ready, Get Synchronized

OmniVue specializes in Manufacturing Solutions that automate and vastly improve how you manage your inventory, supply chain and customer relationships. The result? Streamlined processes and minimal inventory carrying costs needed to drive your profit and business agility.

We help you achieve this with:

Integrated Communication

We will design a solution that provides you with a single view of data across departments and locations in real-time. Optimize planning and minimize inventory through synchronized communications and information-sharing throughout your organization.

Flexible Production Planning

OmniVue will architect your solution to suit the manufacturing modes needed, such as engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock or mixed hybrid. With ready access to data throughout your supply chain, respond more efficiently and proactively to challenges that arise.

Project Management

We understand first-hand how details from various projects can fuel smarter decisions. In addition to a precise view of current work orders and resources, access knowledge from prior and existing builds to drive current projects.

OmniVue tailors Manufacturing Solutions for:

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