Real-Time Collaboration Isn’t Just a Daydream

Having your head in the clouds has a whole different meaning these days. Clouds can not only house your wildest dreams but can also give your organization real-time access to all your business data affordably.

Empowering your team with the right information to make better business decisions used to mean a heavy investment in hardware and IT staffing – this may have created a strict barrier to market entry for your small to midsized company in the past. Not anymore.

Cloud Hosting – Collaborating In the Clouds

A Cloud Hosting Microsoft SharePoint® solution from OmniVue enables you to share your data in real-time; allowing your employees to easily collaborate on ideas, content, data and business intelligence throughout departments, office locations and time zones.

At OmniVue, we tailor your solution to your needs, including the SharePoint software licensing. You may pay as you go for SharePoint On-Demand, also known as SharePoint SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Or purchase your SharePoint license. Your sensitive business data will be hosted on our secure servers in either case.

Cloud Hosting SharePoint with OmniVue comes with real benefits, such as:

  • 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year server monitoring by our IT technicians.
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery including continuous data protection backups.
  • Application Access Anywhere in the World, from Atlanta to South Africa to Australia.

With OmniVue Cloud Hosting for SharePoint you get a world-class collaboration tool that streamlines your business with the ease of affordable and predictable pricing.

Choosing OmniVue for your Hosted SharePoint solution means you get a dedicated IT partner that delivers more than just a software solution. We deliver value through giving your business the agility to succeed in dynamic economies.

Get the vue with a difference. OmniVue. See your world.