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    • Finance

      Managing a Finance Department in the Distribution Industry demands access to the precise data needed to fuel financial reports and inventory analyses that will help drive your business forward. Does your financial management system give you the current, accurate data needed to make smart decisions for your inventory and overall business?
    • Marketing

      Managing a Marketing Department at a Distribution Business requires a real-time, 360-degree view of your data. You need the tools to efficiently build reports using inventory trends, customer buying history and market research. Is your marketing management system giving you the information needed to power impactful campaigns that will drive your business forward?
    • Information Technology

      Managing the IT Department at a Distribution Company is all about empowering people to access and build the intelligence they need to effectively manage your inventory, supply chain, sales and ultimately grow the business. Are your IT systems a help or a hindrance to the decision-making of individuals and departments across your organization?
    • Sales

      Managing the Sales Department in the Distribution Business is not about selling blindly – it’s about formulating a strategy based on sales forecasts powered with to-the-minute inventory levels, customer buying history and market trends. Does your sales management system give you the information required to capitalize on excess inventory, formulate a competitive pricing strategy and commit to reasonable deadlines?

Distribution Management Systems that Deliver Results

In today’s global marketplace, distributors face increased competition and customer expectations like never before. As distribution channels become more diverse, you are also faced with a variety of choices on vendors, suppliers, logistics and greater opportunities for cross-selling.

Through OmniVue’s proprietary VueFinderTM approach, we will tailor a Distribution Management System (DMS) that will turn your challenges into opportunities and drive greater value to your business. By providing a documented roadmap to guide you from current state to future state, we help make sure the right business solution is in place to achieve your strategic goals.

However, at OmniVue, we believe technology is only valuable when it aligns with your organizational goals and processes, which is why we work closely with every client to design the ideal Distribution Management System.

OmniVue as Your Distribution Management System Partner

OmniVue is part of the elite 1% of Microsoft Partners who have achieved a gold competency in both Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM. Our expertise allows us to increase productivity and efficiency for distribution companies with multiple warehouse and customer service locations.

Our unique VueFinderTM approach has helped our clients achieve success in these specific areas:

  • Maintain customer loyalty by providing stellar customer service and never turning down orders.
  • Migrate from an unsupported legacy system to a robust, integrated end-to-end business management solution.
  • Improve inventory management and forecasting, resulting in decreased carrying costs and increased profit.
  • Reduce manual processes by streamlining operations and consolidating disparate data and systems.
  • Maximize ROI by aligning software and business processes with strategic goals.

OmniVue can provide the right tools to automate your distribution and warehouse processes, improve visibility and streamline operations, which gives you more time to spend on strategic planning and growing your business.

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