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    • Finance

      Managing the Finance Department in the Financial Services Industry demands accurate details on the performance of your people – branch managers, brokers, traders and insurers – in order to build financial reports that will shape your organization’s future. Does your financial management system provide the current data needed to fuel forward-thinking decisions in order to reduce your costs while boosting your revenue?
    • Marketing

      Managing the Marketing Department in a Financial Services Business requires access to the data needed to power rewarding campaigns. Does your marketing management system give you the customer information and trend forecasting data required to build on the trust you have established with your existing clientele and attract new customers in today’s economically uncertain times?
    • Information Technology

      Managing the IT Department at a Financial Services Company means giving your people, from the front lines through the back offices, the tools they need to efficiently serve clients, build customer loyalty and drive profit it today’s competitive market. Are your users frustrated by conducting simple reporting Are your IT systems frustrating users when just trying to conduct simple reporting and daily responsibilities?
    • Sales

      Managing the Sales Department in the Financial Services Sector effectively depends on access to reliable, timely data on the services and products your customers are and aren’t using, as well as staying in tune with market trends. Does your sales management system provide the information needed to leverage the loyalty of existing clients to up-sell your services and find other opportunities to boost profit?

Build Client Trust and Loyalty

The volatility of the current market means you need do everything you can to leverage the loyalty of your existing clients and gain the trust needed to win over new clients. You are under pressure to control internal costs and meet growing customer demands while facing lower margins and increased regulations.

But without a complete view of your customers and the right analytical tools, these challenges become difficult if not impossible.

Drive Employee Performance


OmniVue offers financial services software solutions that optimize management of customer portfolios to the strictest of budgets and regulations. Automated processes reduce the administrative tasks of your advisors, freeing them up to work more efficiently. The result is your people have the tools and the time to build the confidence and loyalty of your customers.

Our solutions help you achieve this with:

Customer & Market Insight


OmniVue tailors financial services software solutions that give you swift access to accurate, real-time data on customer history and market trends. Have the intelligence needed to build competitive new products, services and customer portfolios that perform in the long term.

Positive Customer Service


Achieve true business agility and provide a consistently superior level of customer service with a seamless connection between your organization’s processes and systems.

Budget-Friendly Solutions


We appreciate that in the financial services industry, staying on budget is an integral part of fostering positive relationships with your clients. Likewise, we will work creatively to ensure we balance your needs with the resources you have available.

We tailor financial services software solutions for:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Community Banks
  • Investment Advisors
  • Venture Capital Assistance

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