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    • Finance

      Managing a Finance Department in Healthcare requires an eagle’s-eye view of all incoming funds, from referrals to accounts receivable to charitable donations, to ensure your organization is meeting its financial goals. Does your financial management system give you the precise, timely data you need to make the smart decisions required to minimize cost and maximize your revenue?
    • Marketing

      Managing a Marketing Department at a Healthcare Organization demands accurate, quick access to your referrals and patient data so that you can determine where opportunities exist to boost revenue for your organization. Does your marketing management system give you the rich data needed to build and execute valuable campaigns that leverage patient loyalty and draw the new patients needed to boost your bottom line?
    • Information Technology

      Managing the IT Department in the Healthcare Industry is about more than technology – it is about giving your people the tools they need to optimize patient care, meet your referral goals and drive revenue efficiently. Are your IT systems built for ease of use and reliability or are you constantly on call to help people architect the reports they need to make day-to-day decisions?
    • Sales

      Managing the Sales Department in a Healthcare Organization demands a keen eye for detail – namely, you need immediate access to data on your physicians, their respective patient numbers and trends in care so your team can set targets and match your physicians with the right customers. Does your sales management system give your team the information needed to sell strategically and drive your organization’s profit?

Optimize Patient & Physician Relationships


Coordinating patient care and maintaining rewarding relationships with physicians is critical to your healthcare organization. Without a single customer relationship management (CRM) system tracking patient and physician data, you are at risk of using inaccurate, outdated patient information which could ultimately damage the very relationships you have worked hard to establish.

You are looking for healthcare CRM software that will drive the satisfaction of your patients and the efficiency of the referral process by putting accurate, comprehensive details at your administrators’ fingertips.

Drive Quality of Care, Loyalty


OmniVue offers CRM software for healthcare that ensures your patients get the care they need while boosting patient and physician loyalty. By streamlining tasks and automating processes such as patient appointment reminders, you will realize the efficiency needed to deliver greater value to your organization.

We tailor CRM for healthcare for:

OmniVue will help you realize your true potential and become the agile healthcare organization you want to be.

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